Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling

      Why Is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

      It is difficult to diagnose and repair problems such as your AC running but not cooling your home or business. Chambers Services can provide you with a factory certified technician to inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue. Our company has provided some of the trusted local AC repair and AC installation services for the past 20 years. We provide HVAC service for customers throughout Central Illinois including Peoria IL, Bloomington IL, Normal IL, Champaign IL, and communities in the surrounding area. Contact Chambers Services today to schedule an AC inspection to uncover the problem causing your AC to run but not cool your property.

      Electrical Problems Can Cause Malfunctions

      If your AC is running but not cooling, an electrical problem could explain the issue with the system. Your air conditioner might have a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Chambers Services can send an experienced HVAC technician to perform an AC inspection. That way, we can diagnose whether there is a problem with a fuse or a circuit breaker. If there is, we can replace the damaged component and get your system running efficiently again.

      Faulty Thermostats Can Create Cooling Issues

      A malfunctioning thermostat could also cause a problem such as the AC running but not cooling. Chambers Services can send a reliable AC technician to check the thermostat to ensure it is set for desirable cooling temperatures. If there is a problem, our air conditioning expert can detect whether it can be fixed or if you need to replace the thermostat. Plus, our technicians can also address issues with humidity and air quality. We can install humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers to improve your comfort.

      Drain Clogs Can Cause System Shutoffs

      A clogged condensate drain can also lead to issues that could explain the AC running but not cooling. A condensate drain clog can lead to water accumulation, leading the compressor to shut down. Chambers Services can send a qualified air conditioning technician to inspect the drain line and clear any obstructions. Once the clog is cleared, the air conditioner should start to provide effective cooling again.

      Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling

      Air Filter Clogs Can Affect AC Performance

      A clogged air filter can also create problems that could lead to the AC running but not cooling. A dirty air filter restricts the air flow in the AC unit. If the clog is bad enough, it could keep the unit’s cooling coil from lowering the air temperature. Chambers Services can provide you with an AC technician that can inspect the air filter and replace it if necessary. Once proper airflow is restored, the AC unit should start cooling air effectively.

      Frozen Coils Can Lead to AC Problems

      Ice buildup in the evaporator coils can also lead to problems such as the AC running but not cooling. If ice builds up in the evaporate coils, it will hinder the AC unit’s ability to cool efficiently. Chambers Services can send a technician to check for ice formations inside the evaporator coil. Once found, we can melt the ice and look for underlying issues causing the ice to build up such as poor airflow or a lack of sufficient refrigerant.

      Schedule AC Repair Near You

      Do you have a problem with your AC running but not cooling? It is time to call Chambers Services for AC repair near you. We provide service to customers throughout Central Illinois including Champaign County IL, Decatur IL, McLean County IL, Peoria County IL, and Tazewell County IL. Use our online service request form or give us a call at
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