AC Inspections and Maintenance

      A technician seeing if an AC unit is working properly during AC inspection and maintenance in Bloomington IL

      Guarantee a Comfortable Household with AC Inspections and Maintenance

      As summer heat creeps into your home or business, you want to ensure your AC system can handle the upcoming rises in temperature. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in an incredibly uncomfortable scenario. To head off the need for repairs and eliminate any possibility for replacement, consistent AC inspections and maintenance in Bloomington IL are essential! And when it comes to the upkeep of crucial cooling systems for your home or business, Central Illinois residents turn to Chambers Services Inc.!

      What Do Our Inspections Cover?

      Chambers Services Inc. carefully inspects air conditioning systems for specific flaws, malfunctions, breaks or clogs that can be easily resolved by our team. To this end, no part of your system is left unchecked! For your AC inspection, we:

      • Check the thermostat for accuracy
      • Inspect the air filters and change/clean if necessary
      • Check refrigerant level and pressure
      • Inspect all electrical connections, wiring, circuit boards, capacitors etc.
      • Test the system’s safety controls (high/low voltage cut offs)
      • Inspect indoor coil condition and condition of drain pan
      • Test airflow through registers to determine proper levels of air delivery
      • Measure temperature drop across evaporator coil to ensure optimal operation
      • Clean or replace fan motor bearings as required

      The Benefits Consistent Maintenance Can Offer

      Having a specialist inspect and maintain your AC system every season might seem much. However, it’s one of the few ways to guarantee your HVAC equipment’s efficiency and longevity. Additionally, with AC inspections and maintenance, you can expect benefits like:

      • Improved Air Quality – While your system might seem to function as usual, issues like a dirty or clogged air filter aren’t always apparent. If you don’t have your filters and ventilation cleaned from season to season, the air quality of your home will only worsen.
      • Increased Cooling Efficiency – These same filters and vents impacting your air quality also directly affect your home’s comfort. If your AC system’s airflow is restricted, your home can never quite reach the temperatures you set. Unclogging your system resolves such issues.
      • Reduced Repair Costs – Now and again, the follow-up to an AC inspection might be a minor repair or replacement for a part. While this can be an unexpected expense, the alternative is letting your AC continue operating with malfunctioning components. In turn, this can lead to more expensive repairs when your system ultimately fails.
      • Manageable Utility Bills – The less effective your system becomes at cooling your home, the more energy it will exert to do so, resulting in some crazy-high utility bills. Rather than getting stuck footing the bill for a poorly-operating air conditioning system, you can spend less on the upkeep of your equipment. Our technicians ensure your system is fully optimized and runs with maximum efficiency.
      A tool bag on an AC unit with a reminder to schedule service, part of AC Inspections and Maintenance

      Local AC and Cooling Specialists

      There’s no arguing the importance of regular AC inspections and maintenance. For over 20 years, our family-owned company has supplied residential and commercial clients with the services necessary for maintaining and updating HVAC systems. To this end, our team has become familiar with various models and systems, having worked on popular manufacturer brands, including Goodman, GE, Tappan, Amana, etc. For example, our technicians have helped service:

      Give Us a Call

      Don’t let your air conditioning equipment go too long without proper care. Ensure you get the AC inspections and maintenance you need with the expert technicians at Chambers Services Inc. If you are interested in our company and services or wish to request a quote, call 309-829-6750. We are located at 1102 W Macarthur Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701. Chambers Services Inc. serves clients throughout Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Decatur and all of Central Illinois.