When should I repair & when is it time to replace an appliance ?

A: Appliances are all over the board on price. Depending on the age, you should factor that technology is much better today than 10 years ago. If you are wanting these new features available today then your decision comes down to your budget. The newer washing machines for example are much more costly than 10-15 years ago (almost triple in many cases). The best rule to follow is never pay more than 50% off the replacement cost to repair. 


How do I know who to hire for appliance repair?

A: You should start by asking if they are factory authorized, and by how many manufacturers. If they are not factory authorized by at least 5-10 companies you should not hire them! 

Chambers is currently factory authorized by over 15 brands. 

What should I expect to save on energy with a newer, high efficiency furnace?

A: You should save anywhere from 10-15%. Depending on the quality of the installation, you can save as much as 25% on energy for your home. Many people forget that you should hire the right company, not only for price and equipment, but also for the installation experience. We have seen brand new installations with leaks, poor insulation, etc and this defeats the purpose of trying to save money with a high efficiency system. 

How long should appliances last?

A: The answer is simply no one knows! We have seen washers from the 50’s still working and we have seen 1-year-old washers break 3 times. If you take good care of your appliances and don’t abuse them, they tend to last longer.