Smart Thermostats

      A man controlling a smart thermostat in Central Illinois by using his phone

      Better Manage Your Home’s Temperature with Smart Thermostats

      In today’s day and age, our technology is becoming more intelligent and innovative than ever before. From refrigerators to light fixtures, nearly every system in your home can be upgraded to connect with your phone and internet. Even your thermostat can be controlled remotely from anywhere! With smart thermostats installed, you’ve never had more control over your home’s heating and cooling systems. If interested in setting up a smart thermostat, allow the experts at Chambers Services Inc. to help you get started.

      What’s a Smart Thermostat?

      With the introduction of smart home products, smart thermostats have become one of the best additions to the growing list of “smart” home appliances and systems. Your smart thermostat controls your AC, heating or HVAC like any thermostat but also connects to your phone, tablet or other devices via Wi-Fi. Depending on the model of thermostat you install, its connection to the internet enables a multitude of convenient features, including:

      • Remote Control – Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, allowing you to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere.
      • Active Learning – Some models learn your habits over time and adjust the temperature accordingly based on your schedule, usage and preferences.
      • Voice Control – With compatibility with home assistants like Alexa or Google Home, many smart thermostats accept voice commands for hands-free control.
      • Detailed Energy Reports – Smart thermostats can provide reports detailing your energy consumption to help you better understand and manage your electricity usage.
      • Alerts and Notifications – Smart thermostats offer helpful alerts and notifications for things like sudden temperature drops, filter changes, or any other issues with your HVAC system.
      • Integration with Other Devices – You can integrate smart thermostats with other smart home devices, providing a more interconnected and automated home environment.

      How Do Smart Thermostats Benefit Your Home?

      Thanks to smart thermostats, businesses and homeowners can improve their energy savings, better maintain their HVAC systems, and fully integrate appliances and systems into one. Some of the benefits of having a smart thermostat include:

      • Energy Savings – While we all have an idea of our thermostat’s optimal settings, only a smart thermostat can truly adjust to your home’s energy consumption. It makes temperature recommendations based on the time of year, your comfort preferences, and your time at home. Ultimately, a smart thermostat optimizes your energy usage, helping you save on utility bills.
      • Digital Monitoring – Smart thermostats use digital technology to monitor HVAC systems closely. They track usage and provide reminders or recommendations based on system operation. For instance, if you suspect an issue causing energy spikes, your smart thermostat can track extreme energy usage. It also reminds you to replace filters or schedule maintenance to keep your system in top shape.
      • Full Smart Home Integration – Maximize energy savings, comfort, and convenience with a smart thermostat integrated into your home’s existing smart systems. Popular digital assistants and hubs allow homeowners to control lights, AC, heating, appliances, and more with a few taps on their phones. With full smart home integration, your home practically manages itself! Enjoy the perfect temperature at your convenience, tailored to your schedule and family’s needs.

      Your Go-To HVAC Experts

      Whether installing smart thermostats in Bloomington IL, or providing repair or maintenance for your existing HVAC systems, Chambers Services can meet and exceed your heating and cooling needs. Over 20 years of experience serving Central Illinois residents have made us one of the go-to technicians for working with brands like Amana, GE, Goodman, etc. Our team can help install and integrate your smart thermostat with your:

      How Does Chambers Services Help?

      At Chambers Services, we value the customer experience above all else. To ensure our customers are always satisfied, we only hire the best technicians, use high-quality tools/materials, and provide prompt repair/installation service on a schedule that works best for you. Some more of what you can expect from Chambers Services includes:

      Home hubs and smart thermostats in Bloomington IL used to control the lights, temperature and more in a house
      • Qualified service professionals trained to manage all brands of heating and cooling systems
      • 5-Year Parts Warranty for all repair and installation work
      • 1-Year Service Warranty and 30-day coverage for service calls
      • Professionals who value your time and always stay in direct communication
      • We carry most parts and tools on our trucks, allowing us to resolve minor issues in a flash

      Contact Our Office

      Control your home or business’s temperature from anywhere with a few simple clicks, thanks to the incredible capabilities of smart thermostats. If interested in installing a smart thermostat for your property, call the AC and heating experts at Chambers Services Inc. at 309-829-6750. We are located at 1102 W Macarthur Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701. Chambers Services Inc. serves clients throughout Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Decatur and all of Central Illinois.