Furnace Inspections & Maintenance

      A man exchanging a furnace filter during furnace inspections and maintenance

      Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold: Seek Furnace Inspections & Maintenance for Your Home

      Winter temperatures can dip incredibly low in the Midwest. As such, when protecting your home from the dangers of winter weather, having a fully functioning heating system is crucial! However, if your furnace has aged and hasn’t been serviced in some time, you must prepare before cold temperatures hit. To prepare for Midwest winters, you need complete furnace inspections and maintenance in Bloomington IL and the surrounding communities. For heating service in Central Illinois, residents count on Chambers Services’ expertise!

      What Do We Check During Inspections?

      When inspecting your furnace and heating system, we check every component, vent and connection. If one aspect of your heating isn’t working or malfunctioning, your entire system will feel its effects. Thankfully, Chambers Services understands the crucial components of your heating that require the most attention. During our inspections, we:

      • Inspect and clean the blower assembly to ensure optimal performance
      • Check the heat exchanger for any signs of cracks or damage
      • Test the furnace’s safety controls and startup cycle to ensure operation is safe and efficient
      • Inspect the ignition system and assembly
      • Inspect and clean the burner assembly
      • Examine the vent system and air intake grilles to remove any blockages
      • Clean and adjust the pilot as necessary
      • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
      • Examine the belts for any signs of wear and tear
      • Lubricate all moving parts within the furnace
      • Inspect the thermostat settings to ensure the furnace is running efficiently
      • Replace the air filter
      • Measure for correct airflow

      Why Does Your Heating Require Maintenance?

      There’s no system more crucial to the function of your home during winter than your furnace and heating system. As such, having a professional check your heating every season proves essential for ensuring a comfortable, heated home, in addition to some other benefits:

      • Limit Repair Costs – Major breakdowns or malfunctions in a system can require immediate repair. Unfortunately, such repairs are sometimes the most expensive. Conversely, staying up-to-date with maintenance and minor repairs means you avoid expensive repair (or replacement) costs entirely.
      • Lower Utility Bills – A malfunctioning furnace might have trouble heating your home, having to continually run to keep up. The result is an electric or gas bill well outside the average. Thankfully, simple inspections and maintenance help keep your furnace running efficiently.
      • Improve Air Quality – If you don’t keep up with seasonal maintenance for your heating, your vents and filters will likely clog. This results in restricted air flow and dust, dirt, germs and allergens polluting your air. Vent cleaning and filter replacement during maintenance can resolve such issues.
      • Keep Home Safe – As crucial as heating is to your home, it can also be dangerous if not maintained correctly. Gas connections can loosen, crack or break, causing dangerous carbon monoxide to escape into your house. Otherwise, clogged heat exchanges can cause your system to overheat, creating a potential fire hazard. Inspections and maintenance can catch these issues before they worsen.

      Bloomington’s Go-To Heating Contractors

      There’s no reason you should neglect proper furnace inspections and maintenance. After all, it’s what keeps your home happy and comfortable! For over 20 years, Chambers Services has been the go-to contractor for inspecting, maintaining, updating, repairing, and installing your heating systems. Our technicians have extensive experience with all furnace makes and models, including brands like Amana, Goodman, Tappan and others. We help service equipment like:

      A technician performing Furnace Inspections & Maintenance in Bloomington IL

      Count On Chambers

      Avoid emergency repairs and high electricity bills with quick and easy furnace inspections and maintenance for your Bloomington IL heating systems. Contact the heating experts at Chambers Services Inc. today! If interested in our company or looking for a service quote, contact us at 309-829-6750. We are located at 1102 W Macarthur Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701. Chambers Services Inc. serves clients throughout BloomingtonNormalPeoriaChampaignDecatur and all of Central Illinois.