High Efficiency Furnace Champaign IL

      Save Big with a High Efficiency Furnace in Champaign IL

      If you are looking for ways to save money, talk with Chambers Services about installing a high efficiency furnace in Champaign IL. Give your trusted local heating and cooling experts a call at 217-202-6523 to learn about all the benefits these furnaces provide.

      Upgrading your heating with a high efficiency furnace can provide your home with improved comfort and energy efficiency. If you have used your current furnace for 12 or more years, you are likely losing money by putting off furnace replacement. Though your current furnace may have had a high efficiency rating when it was installed, it only rates as a standard efficiency unit right now. As a result, your furnace requires more fuel to heat your home than newer ones with improved technology would. So, you are paying more each month for fuel usage than you should.

      Contact us now if you need more information on how a high efficiency furnace could help stretch the dollars in your household budget. To help with your decision, please continue reading about the benefits you could receive by installing a high efficiency furnace in Champaign IL.

      You Keep More of Your Money

      The heating and cooling industry measures furnace performance by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Essentially, AFUE measures the amount of heat your furnace provides to your home each year to the amount of fuel it uses. For example, a standard efficiency furnace typically performs at 80% AFUE. So, that furnace successfully turns 80% of the fuel it uses into heat for your home. However, that furnace wastes 20% of the fuel as exhaust. Therefore, you would lose 20 cents on each dollar you spend on fuel with a standard efficiency furnace. Meanwhile, modern high efficiency furnaces can perform at 98.3% AFUE. So, you waste a lot less money and use much less fuel to keep your home comfortably warm with a high efficiency furnace in Champaign IL.

      Improved Air Quality

      Air quality is another important factor to consider when you are thinking about installing a high efficiency furnace in Champaign IL. High efficiency furnaces used sealed combustion. Therefore, they won’t pull drier air into your house. In addition, these furnaces remove more impurities in the air you breathe inside your home. Plus, they prevent mold. Most importantly, they come with an upgraded air filtration system that will spread cleaner and fresher air than your old furnace provided.

      Heat Gets Distributed More Evenly

      If your home has cold spots or rooms that don’t get heated evenly with your current furnace, you should consider getting a high efficiency furnace in Champaign IL. These high-efficiency units come with variable-speed fans that distribute heat more evenly. In addition, they are better able to maintain a consistent temperature. Therefore, you can eliminate the problem of some rooms getting too hot while others are too cold in your home.

      High Efficiency Furnace Champaign IL

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