Whole House Dehumidifier Champaign IL

      What Is a Whole House Dehumidifier in Champaign IL?

      Chambers Services can provide you with more comfortable and safer conditions in your home by installing a whole house dehumidifier in Champaign IL. These are units that connect directly to the HVAC system. Unlike portable room dehumidifiers, a whole house unit provides quality humidity control in every part of your home. Plus, they are much more energy efficient than running several room units at the same time. Most importantly, they prevent problems with moisture that can lead to dust mites, mold, and mildew that irritate any respiratory problems or other health conditions you may have.

      Chambers Services provides recommended, factory-certified technicians for all your home appliance, heating and cooling, and air quality service needs. In addition to dehumidifiers, we can also provide home humidifiers and air purifiers to restore comfort in your house. Email Chambers Services today at for more information or a free estimate for installation of air quality products or service on air conditioning, furnaces, and appliances.

      Whole House Dehumidifier Champaign IL

      Why Install a Whole House Dehumidifier?

      Homeowners with allergies, breathing problems, or other health conditions can live more comfortably by installing a whole house dehumidifier in Champaign IL. These are some of the most appealing benefits provided by installing a dehumidifier:

      • Elimination of Mold Issues – A whole house humidifier maintains EPA recommended levels of 30% to 50% humidity in every room of your home. So, you can avoid high levels of humidity that allow for growth of mold or mildew that irritate health issues.
      • Improved Air Quality – By preventing issues with mold and mildew, you experience better living conditions inside your house with an improved air quality supply.
      • Reduced Energy Bills – A whole house humidifier offers better energy efficiency than running multiple portable units in each room. Thus, you can enjoy spending less on energy.
      • Better Overall Humidity Control – Unlike portable room dehumidifiers, a whole house unit maintains optimal humidity levels in every room. So, you no longer risk excessive moisture that can cause mold problems in rooms without a portable device.
      • Less Effort – A whole house dehumidifier also requires much less maintenance than portable dehumidifier devices requiring frequent cleaning and draining.

      How Much Does Installation of a Whole House Dehumidifier Cost?

      Whole House Dehumidifier Champaign IL

      Several different things factor into the pricing of installation services for a whole house dehumidifier in Champaign IL. These are some of the things that go into figuring out how much installation will cost:

      • Capacity Level – Higher capacity dehumidifiers come with a higher price tag than lower capacity devices. Yet, higher capacity units are recommended because of better energy efficiency and overall performance.
      • Energy Efficiency Level – Devices that are more energy efficient also are more expensive. Yet, the added upfront cost is offset quickly by the savings on energy bills.
      • Location of Installation – It will cost more to install a dehumidifier in a harder to access location if your house requires that.
      • Cost of Labor – Labor costs can change based on the installation’s difficulty level and the time spent on the installation process.

      Chambers Services always offers its customers dependable information on our pricing and payment policies. To receive a free quote for installation of a whole house dehumidifier in Champaign IL, please email us at

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