High Efficiency Furnace Springfield IL

      Why Install a High Efficiency Furnace in Springfield IL?

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      It’s time to think about a replacement furnace if your current one has lasted 12 or more years. You may think you are saving money by putting off the installation of a new furnace. However, your outdated unit is costing you big time when it comes to energy usage. Plus, older furnaces can compromise the air quality inside your home and cause uneven heating. If you have cold spots in your home or some rooms get way too hot while other are ice cold, you have a heating problem. You can upgrade the energy efficiency and air quality while better distributing heat throughout your home with a high efficiency furnace in Springfield IL.

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      Big Savings on Energy Cost

      The heating and cooling industry evaluates furnace performance by measuring its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Basically, AFUE rates the amount of heat your furnace provides to your home each year in terms of how much fuel it uses. For instance, a standard efficiency furnace usually performs at 80% AFUE. Thus, it successfully converts 80% of the fuel it uses into heat for your household. Meanwhile, that means the furnaces wastes 20% of the fuel as exhaust. So, you would waste 20 cents on every dollar you spend on fuel with a standard efficiency furnace. In contrast, a modern high efficiency furnace can perform at 98.3% AFUE. Therefore, you save a lot more money and use much less fuel to heat your home with a high efficiency furnace in Springfield IL.

      Better Air Quality

      Air quality is another major consideration when you are deciding about whether to install a high efficiency furnace in Springfield IL. High efficiency furnaces burn fuel with sealed combustion. So, they won’t pull drier air into your home. Also, these furnaces better remove impurities in the air you breathe inside. Furthermore, they protect your home from mold. In addition, they provide an upgraded air filtration system that will distribute cleaner and healthier air for you to breathe.

      Improved Distribution of Heat

      If your home has some rooms that are boiling hot while others are freezing, you could benefit from a high efficiency furnace in Springfield IL. They come with variable-speed fans that spread heat more evenly to each room. Plus, they provide superior temperature control. As a result, you feel more comfortable in each room inside your home with better heat distribution.

      High Efficiency Furnace Springfield IL

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