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A team of repair men work on an air conditioning system after calling for HVAC Repair in Bloomington IL

we The Most Trustworthy HVAC Repair in Bloomington IL

Since 1995, Chamber Services has been taking pride in being a family-owned, Central Illinois business. It’s important for us to maintain a family atmosphere while still providing superior HVAC repair in Bloomington IL. We believe this focus benefits our customers as well. So if you’re looking for heating, cooling, or ventilation services, give us a call.

Vent Cleaning

At Chamber Services, our technicians are manufacturer trained and they receive in-house training as well. This ensures we are up to date on any advances in the HVAC industry. If you contact us for ventilation cleaning, we thoroughly remove of any dirt, allergens, or mold stuck inside the vent system. Removing these sources of indoor air pollution can decontaminate your system. If you’ve noticed an unpleasant odor that doesn’t seem to disappear with cleaning, it could be your ventilation system that’s at the source. Our technicians use the SpinVac system to get rid of any odor-causing contaminants so your home smells fresh and clean again. You can also opt for an additional sanitizer to your duct cleaning package for only $50. Our whole duct cleaning package includes setup cleaning the hot air trunk line and cleaning the cold air return.

Cooling and Heating

In addition to ventilation cleaning and sanitizing, our team has over 30 years of experience installing and repairing heating and cooling systems. We are trained and equipped to repair all brands and carry most tools and parts on our truck so we can begin work immediately. In addition to air conditioners and furnaces, we also repair air cleaners, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers.

A homeowner shake hands with a repairman after calling for HVAC Repair in Bloomington IL

What an Appointment Looks Like

At Chamber Services, we do our best to book your repair quickly and take care of it on your timeline. To make sure we don’t keep you waiting, our technicians will call you on the day of appointment to give you an estimated time of arrival. Their professional, respectful demeanor will be noticeable as they assess the situation and explain what they find. We make same-day repairs, unless we need to order a special part. That’s because we travel with tools and parts in our trucks so that we don’t waste your time. Do you need a part sourced? Our office staff can place that order quickly and make sure it’s here as soon as possible. When we’re done with work, you know we’ll always leave your home tidy. And we will address any further concerns you may have.

Contact Us Today

If you want the HVAC repair Bloomington IL turns to when they need someone they trust, Chambers Services is here to answer the call. We have a wide service area, so if you live in or near Bloomington, Davenport, Champaign, Bettendorf, Peoria, Rock Island, or Moline give us a call at 309-829-6750 today. If you’d prefer, you could send an e-mail to info@chambersservicesinc.com. However you decide to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.