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      What to Expect from Your Furnaces in Bloomington IL

      During winter, the heart of your home is your furnace. It supplies the warmth and comfort you need to get through the season happy and healthy. However, if you live in an older home, you may have an older furnace. And even furnaces lose their effectiveness over time. So, when it’s time to consider new furnaces in Bloomington IL, there’s only one contractor you can count on for the best service and installation: Chambers Services.

      Established in 1995, Chambers Services has an incredible history serving clients throughout the Midwest. When you need your heating or cooling systems serviced, we are the go-to contractor. With highly trained employees and affordable prices, we provide precisely what you need. We offer the same service you’d expect from a large manufacturer, all while taking a personal approach to each job as a family-owned business.

      Types of Furnaces

      From fixing your furnace to installing a new one, we handle all types of heating systems. However, looking at furnaces today, several variances are the preferred ones in our industry. For example, we help install and service:

      • Single-Stage
        • A single-stage furnace is what you’ll most commonly see in homes today. And, many older furnaces are this type, too. While this furnace is the cheapest option concerning overall price, it’s not nearly as flexible and efficient as other systems. Single-stage furnaces are either on or off, running at maximum heat or not running at all.
      • Two-Stage
        • If a single-stage furnace only operates at max settings, a two-stage furnace has a bit more flexibility. With a two-stage furnace, you can expect high and medium settings (i.e., two stages). These furnaces, although still somewhat limited, offer more options than the single-stage furnaces and are more energy-efficient.
      • Modulating
        • One of the newer types of furnace and the one we most often recommend is a modulating furnace. Before, you only had one or two settings for your furnace. But, with a modulating system, you can adjust the heat and burning of your furnace on an intricate level. Such a system allows you to keep a more precise temperature, while also saving you big on overall energy usage.
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      Do More with Chambers

      Alongside repair and installation for furnaces in Bloomington IL, and all of Central Illinois, we offer a variety of other services. For most of your appliances and mechanical systems, we provide various installation or repair services. For example, we provide:

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      No other contractor is more skilled and knowledgeable with furnaces for Bloomington IL than the professionals at Chambers Services. Call us today at 309-829-6750 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 1102 W Macarthur Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701.