Furnace Inspection Peoria IL

      A technician checking a system with their computer during a Furnace Inspection in Peoria IL

      Ensure Your Heating Works with a Furnace Inspection in Peoria IL

      It’s that time of year again, as the cold finally starts to settle in. And, as a resident of Illinois, it’s not unusual to expect a decently cold winter. Thus, it’s so important to have your furnace in working order. The last thing you want is to turn your heating on during the first cold spike to find out it isn’t working as it should. Instead, requestions a furnace inspection in Peoria IL ensures you catch issues before it’s too late. And Chambers Services can help by taking a look at your heating system.

      At Chambers Services, we get right to the source of your issues. Our team is highly educated in all matters related to HVAC, AC, furnaces and home appliances. In fact, we’ve worked with hundreds of prominent brands and know the inner workings to near any mechanical system. Rob Chambers, the owner of Chambers Services, has been in the industry for over 38 years. He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to every job, so you can be confident in the work you receive.

      What to Expect from Your Furnace Inspection

      There’s plenty a technician must check to ensure your furnace is ready for the winter season. And sometimes, you’ll find your furnace will need some general maintenance. However, maintenance now is better than a broken system at the height of winter.

      • Ventilation – Just like anything else in your home, your heating system is bound to get dusty. That means we check your ventilation for any excess buildup of dirt and dust and ensure nothing is creating a blockage.
      • Power Distribution – If your furnace isn’t getting the power it needs, you can’t expect it to heat your home thoroughly. We will perform an amp-draw test on the blower motor to ensure it meets the appropriate specs.
      • Ignition – One of the most essential components of any furnace is the burner. We will inspect your burner for any leaks and make sure it’s activating correctly with the rest of the heating system.
      • Thermostat – Sometimes, nothing is wrong with your furnace, but the connection between it and your thermostat might need recalibrating. Whether that means replacing batteries or replacing the thermostat entirely, our technicians will determine.
      • Safety Controls – Every furnace system has safety controls in place. So, if something were to go wrong, the furnace’s safety controls would detect the issue and cut power from your system to prevent an issue from getting worse. As a part of our inspection, we will ensure these safety controls are functioning as they should.
      • Everything Else – There are numerous parts in place inside your furnace system. Much more goes into a furnace inspection, from checking belts for cracks to lubricating moving parts. After we are done, you can expect your furnace to be ready for whatever an Illinois winter throws at it.
      A technician checking a thermostat during a Furnace Inspection in Peoria IL

      Full-Service Technicians

      If you need more work done beyond a furnace inspection in Peoria IL, Chambers Services is equipped with the right tools and technicians to tackle any mechanical problem. Our extensive brand knowledge allows us to service or install near any system or appliance in your home. For example, we offer:

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      Now’s the time to schedule a furnace inspection in Peoria IL. Ensure you’re prepared for this winter season with a little help from Chambers Services. Call us today at 309-829-6750 to request a quote or schedule service. Also, we are located at 1102 W Macarthur Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701.