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      Are You Considering a High Efficiency Furnace in Peoria IL?

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      Making an upgrade to a high efficiency furnace serves as a major investment into the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. If you need a replacement furnace from a reliable heating contractor, you are likely replacing an outdated unit. Furnace technology has come a long way in the past 12 to 15 years since your last unit was installed. If your system was considered high efficiency at that time, it’s now considered standard efficiency.

      We can provide you with more information about the difference between these furnaces. So, please contact us to talk more about our line of Goodman high efficiency furnaces. For your convenience, we have provided some factors you may want to consider concerning a high efficiency furnace in Peoria IL.

      Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Improvements

      Furnace performance gets measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Essentially, this measures the annual output of heat from a furnace compared to the amount of fuel it uses. Standard efficiency furnaces burn at an 80% AFUE. That means the furnace creates useful heat from 80% of the fuel it uses while 20% gets expended in exhaust. Nowadays, high efficiency furnaces can burn at a 98.3% AFUE. So, that means high efficiency furnaces only waste 1.7% of the fuel being used. The major benefit to you from that type of efficiency would come in the form of energy cost savings. Your household would see a significant savings in a switch from a standard efficiency unit to a high efficiency furnace in Peoria IL.

      The Importance of Sealed Combustion Chambers for Your Home

      Many homes could receive a vast improvement in comfort and energy cost from the use of sealed combustion by a high efficiency furnace in Peoria IL. Standard efficiency furnaces use open combustion. This may work fine for some types of homes. However, homes with furnaces in a basement or crawlspace without the proper insulation or sealing materials experience problems with open combustion.

      In fact, those homes face health and safety risks like a backdraft or the release of carbon monoxide into the air. As a result, those homes have a higher probability of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning with open combustion furnaces. Plus, open combustion furnaces run less efficiently. Therefore, your home would use more energy and that will cost a lot. Therefore, installing a high efficiency furnace would provide the best results.

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