Electric Furnaces

      New electric furnaces in Central Illinois

      Keep Your Home Heated with Service for Electric Furnaces in Bloomington IL

      Brrr! Why does your house feel so cold; is something wrong with your heating? With help from Chambers Services Inc., you can resolve any issue with your furnace systems. We are expert heating and cooling contractors, able to manage service for any model and make of furnace, including electric furnaces in Bloomington IL. Whether you’re in the market for a new electric furnace to heat your home or you wish to restore the heating capabilities of your current system to like-new condition, count on Chambers Services for support!

      What Are Electric Furnaces?

      As the name implies, electric furnaces are home heating systems that run off electricity. Although gas furnaces also function with some degree of electricity, electric furnaces convert your home’s electricity into heat. That heat is used to warm the air, and blowers in your furnace push that heated air into your vents and throughout your home, creating a warm, safe and inviting environment.

      Why Choose Electric?

      While you might be comfortable with natural gas furnaces, electric furnaces are just as effective at heating your home. Moreover, electric furnaces provide homeowners with certain benefits that gas furnaces can’t match, such as:

      • Increased Safety – While a properly set-up gas furnace is perfectly safe, you always risk gas escaping into your home. Conversely, there’s no such concern with electric heaters. Being fully electric means you won’t have to worry about issues like carbon monoxide leaks.
      • Lower Initial Cost – If you’re on a budget or just looking to save money with your new heating system, electric heaters might be your best bet. Due to the availability of electric furnace products, these home heating systems are less expensive than gas furnaces, both in the price of equipment and installation costs.
      • Excellent Efficiency – Although the price of gas is lower than electricity, an electric furnace’s performance more than makes up for the difference. Because electric heating systems are incredibly efficient in their heating capabilities, you’ll be able to keep your home just as warm without running nearly as hard.
      • Ease of Installation – Electric furnaces are generally easier and quicker to install without the need for gas lines and with fewer moving parts. This means less disruption to your family’s daily life and quicker access to reliable heating.
      • Consistent Heating – Electric furnaces provide a consistent air temperature, avoiding the temperature peaks and troughs often experienced with gas furnaces. This consistent warmth adds to the comfort and coziness of your family home.

      Our Furnace Services

      No matter your heating needs, Chambers Services is here to help. Our expert technicians can provide the full range of heating services, including repair, installations, inspections, and preventative maintenance. Whether your heating system isn’t “heating,” or your system is too old and needs a complete replacement, our team can lend a hand with services like:

      A contractor performing maintenance for Electric Furnaces in Bloomington IL
      • Furnace Installation
        • We assist homeowners by fitting state-of-the-art heating and furnace systems from well-known manufacturers like Amana, Goodman, Tappan, and more. Our dedicated team ensures the perfect size and model of furnace to fulfill your home’s heating requirements.
      • Furnace Repair
        • Experiencing temperature fluctuations or strange noises from your furnace? Our skilled technicians can swiftly diagnose and deliver lasting furnace repairs for any heating issue you may encounter.
      • Furnace Inspections & Maintenance
        • Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for keeping your system running smoothly, even if there are no immediate issues. Let our technicians perform yearly preventive maintenance for your home’s heating system.

      Contact Chambers Services

      When you require urgent heating services for your electric furnaces in Bloomington IL, whether in the midst of winter or prepping for the season ahead, you can trust the experts at Chambers Services Inc. We provide the precise heating services homeowners need to stay warm all winter long. To learn more about our heating services and request a quote, or if interested in our cooling services and appliance repair, call 309-829-6750. Chambers Services is located at 1102 W Macarthur Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701. We serve clients throughout Bloomington, Peoria, Decatur, Champaign, and all of Central Illinois.