Furnace Inspection McLean County IL

      The Importance of a Furnace Inspection in McLean County IL

      Chambers Services technicians can catch a small problem before it becomes a costly bill with a furnace inspection in McLean County IL. So, call 309-829-6750 to get Bloomington-Normal’s most trusted heating contractor to inspect your furnace today.

      You don’t want to wait until the temperatures drop below zero to figure out you have a problem with your furnace. Besides, you may end up spending a lot more money than you want to on heating bills with an inefficient furnace. For that reason, you should have a Chambers Services factory-certified technician check out your heating system. The sooner you do, the more money you could save. Plus, our team can make sure you don’t lose any sleep shivering in a cold home without heat this winter.

      Make sure to contact us to schedule your inspection before the temperatures dip below freezing this year. Having your furnace inspected each year will ensure you’re less likely to be caught in the dead of winter without any heat.

      What Do You Check During a Furnace Inspection in McLean County IL?

      Whether you realize it, a lot can go wrong with your furnace. Therefore, the importance of having a regular furnace inspection in McLean County IL cannot be overstated. In fact, here is a rundown of what you can expect when one of our heating experts comes out for your inspection:

      Furnace Inspection McLean County IL
      • Ventilation – Much like the rest of your home, your heating system can get a little dusty. So, we will check your duct work and vents for an excess buildup of dust and grime. As a result, we can ensure you do not get a blockage that affects airflow.
      • Power Distribution – If your furnace fails to get the power it needs, it will not heat your home efficiently. Therefore, we perform an amp-draw diagnostic test on the blower motor to see that it meets the appropriate specs.
      • Ignition – Your burner serves as one of the most important components on your furnace. For that reason, we will inspect your burner for any leaks. That way, we can make sure it will activate correctly.
      • Thermostat – On occasion, your furnace may not have a significant issue. However, it will not work right with a bad connection with your thermostat. Whether that means swapping out the batteries or installing a new thermostat, our technicians can get it fixed for you.
      • Safety Controls – Every furnace system relies on safety controls. That way, the furnace can detect if something is going wrong and cut power to your system to prevent catastrophic damage to the system. As a part of our inspection, we check these safety controls to make sure they are functioning like they should.
      • Everything Else -From checking belts for cracks to lubricating moving parts, our technicians will look at many small components in your furnace that could breakdown and cause system failure. Consequently, you can rest easy your furnace will keep you warm this winter.

      Schedule Your Furnace Inspection in McLean County IL

      Let Chambers Services make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter with a furnace inspection in McLean County IL. We can uncover any problems to make sure you don’t have to sit through any uncomfortably cold nights without heat. Give us a call today at 309-829-6750 or request a free estimate online. In addition to heating and cooling services, we can also service appliances in your home. Remember, we are at your service any time something mechanical in your home needs service.