Appliance Repair Technician

Michael was born in Belleville, IL and enjoys to vacation to the state of Tennessee. His favorite movie is Smoke Signals and his list of favorite music genres is so long that it includes too many to list. Some of his at home interests include the game Assassins Creed and MMA Wrestling. If he is going out to a meal, it is for a fine rare sirloin steak.

About the Chambers Services Family

Chambers Services is a family-owned business that has been established since 1995. Rob Chambers has worked in the industry for over 38 years.

Each service technician is highly trained and certified, and has passed our extensive background check. We provide ongoing in-house and manufacturer training so you can feel assured that your technician will have up-to-date information. Because we are factory authorized with several brands, we have access to technical support when needed.

Our team at Chamber Services is proud to serve all over Central Illinois and the Quad Cities.

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